Type With Apps

Type With Apps

Aug. 14, 2011

Like metal type, app icons can be hand-set in interchangeable combinations of letters, allowing even relatively useless apps to serve a role in communication.

Stacks of four-letter words are easiest to read, and while pairs of letters are acceptable within a single icon, choosing an app with more than two letters is considered cheating.

Free apps are available for every letter of the alphabet, including many variations on M, P, S and W, but an elegant L or X might cost you $0.99.

type with apps


the quick brown foxes jump
over the lazy dogs

Safety reminders

dont text and drive
dont kiss and tell

Breaking news

Bachmann wins Iowa poll
two men walk on the moon

Obsession and loss

your love is my drug
when shes gone I cry


hark who goes there
gray eyed Athena smiled